An Oral History of Life in DC’s Most Gentrified Neighborhood

In Februrary, right before the pandemic drove us all inside, the DC Oral History Collaborative reached out with amazing news: they are funding my project!

In 2019, I collected oral histories from residents of D.C.’s most gentrified area: the adjecent neighborhoods of Shaw and Bloomingdale. Residents who moved in at every decade over the last 70 years are represented, ranging fom those born there in the 1940s to those who bought a home in 2017.

The oral histories capture their experiences, expectations and impressions of the neighborhood through that time.

Through a grant was funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, I’ll be creating a podcast series to bring all these voices to the public.

The DC Oral History Collaborative is a project of HumanitiesDC and the DC Public Library, and they funded a number of projects this year. I’m so excited to work with a cohort of other oral historians, and with the guidance of the experts in the office.

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