I’m an author, reporter, oral historian, teacher and photographer who tells stories about belonging.

My writing can be found in The Washington Post, UrbanTurf, India Abroad, News-India Times and The Indian American magazine.

My first book,“Shaw, LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale in Washington, D.C.: An Oral History,” (The History Press, 2021) is about life in D.C.’s most gentrified neighborhood. I found someone who moved in at every decade over the last 70 years, and then wove the voices together to tell a chronological story of living through immense change. The DC Line called it “a literary third space.”

Now, I’m working on a project telling the story of second-generation Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi American immigrants and how we develop our identities. You can read a bit of it in the New York Times here. I’m also gathering oral histories in Mount Pleasant, another fascinating D.C. neighborhood.

You can find me at shilpi.malinowski@gmail.com. If you want to be included in my new projects, if you want me to speak to a group about gentrification or lead an oral history or writing workshop, if you want me to tell any belonging stories, or if you have any other cool projects we can collaborate on, please reach out!